Fancy Indian

Fancy Indian-01_Sold (11)

“Fancy Indian” Backline (Small Mohawk & Large Mohawk) by Team GB

Back line with Headband: SOLD OUT
Back line with Small Mohawk: SOLD OUT
Back line with Large Mohawk: SOLD OUT

Frontline with Headband: SOLD OUT
Frontline with Large Mohawk or Short Bonnet: SOLD OUT
Frontline with Long Bonnet: $SOLD OUT

Male with Headband: SOLD OUT
Male with Short Bonnet: SOLD OUT
Male with Long Bonnet: SOLD OUT

Among the most popular and spectacular traditional mas costumes, Fancy Indians are based on the indigenous people of North America

Designed by: Daryl Key (Backline and Mohawk Headpieces)
Reishelle Richards (Frontline and Male)
Frontline & Male Headpiece by Percy Maynard

Copyright RAMAJAY Mas 2013
Photography by: The Magic Moments